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2 Startups built from ground up
3 ASEAN nationaltiies in team
6 Total Operating Experience in Years

Official Distributor for DIABNEXT

Innovative and patented, DIABNEXT is a solution for diabetes data monitoring and remote patient care. The connected devices allow for automatic transfer of data into the DIABNEXT app and the DIABNEXT platform, for patients and healthcare professionals to better monitor and manage the disease (injection of insulin, monitoring of blood glucose levels, carb consump- tion). It is the first digital, completely automated self-monitoring logbook for diabetes.

DIABNEXT’s key advantages:

  • Universal, adaptive to most insulin pens and glucometers on the market. Automatic, 100% accurate and exhaustive data recording.
  • No additional constraint.
  • It is a complete solution and records the three essential parameters of Diabetes management.


The team has cut their teeth in global agencies and companies.

Gin Low

Commercial Director

Joseph Wellington

Medical Director

Dr Joseph Tan

Chief Scientific Advisor (Engineering)

Raymond T.

Raymond Tan

Software Development Lead

Lincoln Yeo

IP Lead

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