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2 Patents Worked With
3 ASEAN nationalities in team
15 Total Operating Experience in Years

Official Distributor for DIABNEXT

Innovative and patented, DIABNEXT is a solution for diabetes data monitoring and remote patient care. The connected devices allow for automatic transfer of data into the DIABNEXT app and the DIABNEXT platform, for patients and healthcare professionals to better monitor and manage the disease (injection of insulin, monitoring of blood glucose levels, carb consump- tion). It is the first digital, completely automated self-monitoring logbook for diabetes.

DIABNEXT’s key advantages:

  • Universal, adaptive to most insulin pens and glucometers on the market. Automatic, 100% accurate and exhaustive data recording.
  • No additional constraint.
  • It is a complete solution and records the three essential parameters of Diabetes management.


The team comes with diverse commercial and scientific experience across consumer health, electronics and ICT.

Jin Lu

Commercial Lead with business development and operating experience. BSc. Biological Sciences

Regional experience in pharma, consumer health, financial services

Tricia Lee

Expertise in BD, ventures investment with global MNCs. BBA, MBA

Daryl Lim

Strategy & Process Innovation Expert with Business Experience. MSc. Technopreneurship & Innovation

Dr Tan

Chief Scientific Advisor with experience in R&D of electronics. Phd in Engineering


Our portfolio below

Robotics Process Automation Pte Ltd

Proprietary RPA software that can automate any workflow which can be performed by staff on computer through mouse and keyboard incl. KYC, financial systems workflow, logistics coordination, customer service workflow, document processing and invoice processing. HQ in Singapore, with existing revenue generating distributors. Only RPA developed in SEA adapted for SEA market. Operating Model

  • Remotely setup with free self-learning tutorial
  • Custom development by consultant at $80 per hour
  • Existing distribution network where distributors own consultation process
  • Revenue generating. Current pricing: annual license per user - US$5000
Competitive Advantage
  • Easy setup, suitable for non-technical staffs to program steps to automate via mouse clicks
  • Uniquely workflow automation development method using graphic recognition / control
  • OCR with strong ASEAN language recognition for translation of scanned documents
  • One of the few company in SEA with proprietary technology and system
  • In the process of opening an office in China
  • Significantly better pricing, and better OCR performance than existing competitor.
  • Winner of various competitions
Core Team
  • CEO and CTO - MSc in Computer Science. Sold cloud hosting venture
  • Commercial Lead - MSc in Business, Experience in tech commercialization at RIs
Funding objectives
  • Distributor acquisition expansion in China and SEA
  • R&D on tech roadmap and UI UX improvements

RPM Medical Device Pte Ltd

Remote patient monitoring wearable device with patented technology,
anchored on proprietary patient data analytics with patient and HCP interfacing platforms. Only company with such wearable form factor and measures unique vitals directly.

  • Ongoing clinical trials in renowned hospitals
  • Ongoing clinical partnership with a pharma and medtech
  • Certifications in EU and US
Core Team
  • Phds and operators from MNCs
  • Phds and operators from MNCs

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